| Water Filter Cartridge |

Filter set comes with:
  • Wall mount bracket.
  • 860CF pleated filter.

    Filter 860FT is designed to provide clean water throughout the whole house...

      Model 860FT10 860FT20
      Inlet/Outlet ø1" ø1"
      Overall width 18.8cm 18.8cm
      Overall Height 33.8cm 58.8cm
      Max. working 7kg (113psi) 7kg (113psi)


    860FT has been tested for 15 days


    With the capability of holding up to 22,750cm2 surface area of dirt, the 860CF is an exceptional pleated water filter.
    In its unfolded length of up to 16 feet long, it provides users a longer period of usage without the need to clean it.

    The user friendly and easy to clean surface makes it more ideal with just easy washing with pressurized water to
    remove and clean it from residues, dirt, silt and rust, back to at least 90% of its original efficiency.

    | Water Filter Cartridge |

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